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Greetings everyone! Marvelites will not be taking new members into the supergroup while we figure out a new application process. You're more than welcome to sign up here on the forum and chat, though! We'll post when we have a new method of signing up for the supergroup!
Kaine Pride a Yeah sorry bud :/ I'll let you know once we get the new application set up we're going to be a bit more selec...
TribalSage Aw.. sorry Pride I guess I'm too late. You told me to check out the site in game the other day and apply. I guess ...

Marvel Heroes is live!

Kaine Pride a posted May 30, 13

Ultimate Pack purchasers gained access on 5/28
Premium Pack purchasers gain access on 5/31
Starter Pack purchasers gain access on 6/2
Non purchasers can jump in on 6/4!

See y'all ingame soon!
First and foremost, you should be reporting any bugs and sending feedback. It is a CB, after all.

However, I do ask this of members:

If you happen to run across any friendly people that you think would fit in here, shoot them an invite with our forum URL.

Remember that if you successfully manage to recruit a member and they mention your name as a recruiter in their introduction post, there are forum badges to be unlocked:

1 recruited: 
10 recruited: 
50 recruited: 

New members will also gain this limited edition forum badge:

Aphrodité Wahoo i get my 1 Recruiter badge soon!
jojonel I joined today and i wish you goodluck with the guild! Finded it on MH forums.
All members that join from here until 30 days after Marvel Heroes is released will get a special founding member icon next to their name! This will show up on our online members list as well as every forum post you make, next to your name.
Existing members have also received their icons (Please PM me if you don't see yours). 

After this promotion is over, there will be no other way to receive the icon so join in now! Please note that the icon image is subject to change.

Aphrodité Wahooo!
Kaine Pride a Next wave of badges have been distributed :]
DMSolo Did I hear something about a badge?
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